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Koala NFT

Koala NFT is not just a NFT project, but a family of Koala Lovers!
Our goal is to donate to non-profit organizations that support
and safeguard the ecosystem necessary to protect Koalas.
The Amicable Koala NFT collection is made up of 100 unique items generated on the Fantom Blockchain.
Once sold all items, will start the giveaway of 3D collection to our holders.

Why koala NFT?

Koalas are threatened by wild exploitation of the land, out-of-control fires, decreased nutritional quality of eucalyptus, drought, dog attacks and infectious diseases such as chlamydia.
With our Amicable koala nft collection we want to support who actively work to defend this cuddly animal.

What is Koala NFT?

The Amicable Koala NFT collection is made up of 100 unique items generated on the Fantom Blockchain. This collection allows you to access the whitelist. Each koala NFT is unique, and if you hold it in your hand you will receive a 3D hand drawn koala.

More info about new 3D NFT Koala collection

The new collection can be minted at 80 FTM from our website or purchased from marketplace over 100 FTM because this amount will be the floor price.
Who hold an Amicable Koala receive an NFT random minted from our website.
The benefits for amicable koala nft are over? NO!
Each time an Amicable Koala is sold over 30 FTM (actually top price on paintswap) the buyer receive an NFT from new 3D Collection and and this mechanism will continue until the entire collection is minted.

Thank you Community

All holders who own our items will receive 1 exclusive hand-drew NFT 3D as a gift by join our Discord.
The new collection will be published on the most important marketplaces to thank our first investors and allow them to have a huge gain as well as increase donations to our no-profit partners.
Everything will be accompanied by targeted marketing
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How we invest?

20% of sales are sent to developers to create additional projects and help endangered animals

20% of sales are sent periodically every 3 months to one of our partners as a donation

60% of sales are reinvested in advertising to repay the community, attract new investors and continue to help koalas

Coming Soon

  • We are already working on the next collection and will be released when all nfts will be in possession of the community. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated.
  • New developments will be added once the set goals have been achieved because the trust of the community is important to us.
    We don’t want release a very long Roadmap like most of the projects in the blockchain and to trick users.

About Amicable Koala NFT on Fantom Opera

Amicable Koala was generated on Fantom Blockchain.

Many citizens are wondering how to help koalas escape not only from fires, but also from the danger of extinction. When we talk about the conservation of endangered animals, we must first understand what are the actions that ordinary citizens can do.

Among the indirect actions that benefit the protection of koalas, the most important is that of adopting virtuous habits that reduce our environmental impact on the climate.

To do our part we have created 100 amicable koalas to raise awareness in the world and with your help we can maintain their natural habitat

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